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           MESA Monthly Member Meeting’s (4M’s)

Takes place on the last Tuesday of the month (where possible)

1400-1500 GMT / 1500 - 1600 CET



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2023 Previous 

24th January Included 5 valuable snippets in 5 minutes "Finding your balance toolkit" from Sandie McCoubrey MESA Founder/Member.  Main topic: Overview of "The 7 Steps to Exhibition Success Masterclass" with guest speaker: Stephan Murtagh, The Exhibition Guy.  This session looked at on how to get a greater return from Exhibiting with 7 simple steps. We focussed on 3 key sections - Pre-Show, During & Post Show, looking at how you can be well prepared for the opportunity, achieving your objectives and enjoy the journey of exhibiting.



21st February Included 5 snippets in 5 minutesRob Davidson, MD, MICE Knowledge, with "My 5 top tips for successful presentations".  Our main topic was: Nailing your LinkedIn Profile & Strategy with MESA Founder/Member speaker: Gordon Glenister.  A brand is what someone says about you when you are not in the room – YOU are a brand. Your LinkedIn profile is not an address book entry but your best CV presentation. Influencer marketing expert Gordon Glenister helped us to nail our profile so that it really stands out.  Gordon runs an influencer programme for business owners to help them be the specialist in the field, and he shared a few nuggets from his programme to help us create instant impact.



28th March Included 5 valuable snippets in 5 minutes "The 5 'FU's' I made in business" from Patrick Delaney, Managing Partner, SoolNua. Main topic: Fuel.Ignite.Accelerate - Future of Conferencing with MESA Member speaker: Michael Jackson, The Other Michael Jackson.  At a concert you want to go straight to the front v at a conference (many speakers don’t deliver great speeches).  We discussed how we need a fresh approach to conferencing: where delegates come prepared, get engaged and involved, and then leave the event capable of delivering a real impact on their business. Michael Jackson is a conference speaker and facilitator who has addressed over 3,000 events across 46 countries in his career. He unpacked his concept to do just this: Fuel.Ignite.Accelerate.



18th April Included 5 valuable snippets in 5 minutes "5 ways to make everyone around you smarterfrom Jelmer van Ast, CEO of Conference Compass, MESA Patron Member. Main topic: Making the Event Industry Sustainable for ALL Generations with speaker: Alastair Greener, Communications Speaker & Consultant, Event MC and TV Presenter –  We looked at the 4 generations in the workplace and how they view the event industry. Busting myths about generational perception, we gained insights into how to engage with event goers of all ages in the post covid world.  Hosted and moderated by Sébastien Braun, CEO & Founder of idloom, MESA Patron Member.



30th May Included 5 valuable snippets in 5 minutes "The 5 keys to resilience" from Merijn van Buuren, Founder of Event Mender, MESA Member.  Main topic: Emerging from a team member into a future leader with speakers Jelmer van Ast, CEO of Conference Compass, MESA Patron Member and John Martinez, Founder & CEO of ShocklogicMESA Patron Member.  Effective leaders are critical to the success of any business and investing in employee development is key to building a strong basis for growth and continuity. It's crucial for organisations to have a clear understanding of what they want in their future leaders. This can include defining the specific leadership skills, values, and behaviours that are necessary for success within the organisation. Identifying these traits can help in identifying high-potential employees and in providing the appropriate development opportunities to prepare them for future leadership roles. Organisations can also benefit from a culture that encourages and supports leadership development. Creating an environment that fosters continuous learning, experimentation, and risk-taking can provide employees with the confidence to take on leadership roles and explore new opportunities for growth. This session shared best practices and explored how other MESA members develop leadership skills.  



20th June Included 5 valuable snippets in 5 minutes "My 5 top stress tips for busy minds" from Helen Moon, Chief Executive of EventWell.  Main topic: Ownership - A Place to Be with speakers Sebastien Braun, CEO & Founder of idloom, MESA Patron Member and John Martinez, Founder & CEO of ShocklogicMESA Patron Member.  Ownership is about "who you are" and "who you want to be".  This session was about accountability and ownership.  We looked at the differences between what you may be responsible for and what is assigned to you, your accountability of those responsibilities, and how to choose to take ownership of those responsibilities.  We found out how some of the burdens and obligations can in fact be challenges and opportunities in our work and lives to give us more satisfaction, control, engagement, and growth.

Hosted and moderated by Tamsin Treasure-Jones, Co-Founder of Kubify, MESA Member.

Summary - Ownership - A Place to Be


27th July (Thursday) – Networking event:  Open to all industry colleagues.  This was the second year Summer MESAfest with SongDivision, the global leaders in world-class music-based experiences and this year with Jeff Bateman, Catalyst at LIVEsciences AG.  MESA SUMMER PARTY WITH PURPOSE - LEAD LIKE A ROCK STAR!  SongDivision take fun SERIOUSLY, and believe that learning can be both entertaining and rewarding. That’s why since 2003, they have been dedicated to designing events that combine education, entertainment and meaningful take-aways. Throughout the event, we had the opportunity to participate in a range of conversations and activities that challenged and helped us develop important leadership skills. There was lots of fun, games, and of course PLENTY OF MUSIC too!

"The key elements delivered around the SongDivision parts were inspiring and thought provoking, a great way of bringing people together under one message" - Natalie Taylor, Account Manager, SomeBrightSpark Ltd

"It was fun and a nice thing to do in the middle of the day" - Clare Forestier, Business Event Host, Clare Forestier Event Host (MESA Member)

MESA Summer Fest


31st August (Thursday) Included 5 valuable snippets in 5 minutes "My top 5 learnings on company culture - how we get our young employees to stay with our company longer" from Martin Klöfver, Founder and Head of New Markets of Trippus Event Solutions, MESA Member.  Main topic: Return on Emotion: Crafting experiences that drive profitable connections with guest speaker Liz Lathan, Co-Founder of The Community Factory.  In 2021, when Liz Lathan was at the creative agency Haute, they conducted a research study to uncover which emotions must be evoked in events to drive an environment where participants want to do business with each other. In this session we explored the FIVE emotions that you need to elicit for profitable connections.   Moderated and hosted by Richard John, C.O.O of Realise.Me, MESA Member.

Summary - Return on Emotion 


26th September Included 5 valuable snippets in 5 minutes "My 5 top tips for harnessing proactive empathy" from Maja Misic, Head of Sales at Limos4, MESA MemberMain topic:  Resilience and mentality to get through tough times.  Most of us have struggled somehow, during and since the pandemic, to catch up with an ever-changing world and workplace.  How do we find the resilience to successfully adapt to these difficult challenging life experiences, especially through mental, emotional, and behavioural flexibility and adjustment?  We discussed these challenges and shared ideas for how to overcome them and adapt, with our panellists Sam McNeill, General Manager (UK/Europe) at SongDivisionSébastien Braun, CEO & Founder of idloom, MESA Patron Member, Nienke van der Malen, CEO & Founder of Conferli, MESA Member and Tamsin Treasure-Jones, Co-Founder of Kubify, MESA Member.  Moderated by Jelmer van Ast, Founder & CEO of Conference Compass, MESA Patron Member.

Summary - Resilience and mentality 


24th October Included 5 valuable snippets in 5 minutes "5 quotes that get me through the day" from Richard John, COO at Realise.Me, MESA Member. Main topic: Road mapping for product development with panellists Jelmer van Ast, CEO of Conference Compass, MESA Patron Member and Will Custard, Product Director of CrowdComms, MESA Patron Member, Samy Aziz, Product Ownder of idloom, MESA Patron Member and Sean Barnard, Managing Director of Involved Events, MESA Member.  We looked at the process of how to create a roadmap, which is a strategic process outlining the actions, steps, and resources needed to take the initiative of a product from vision to reality, communicating the why and the what of the product from concept to the market. We discussed how to get everyone in the organisation and the team aligned and headed in the same direction, and why a product roadmap is essential, looking at the short and long-term goals for the product or project, and how they will be achieved.  Moderated by Franco de la Croix-Vaubois, Founder & CEO of Frog Events, MESA Member.

Summary - Roadmapping for Product Development 


21st November  Included 5 valuable snippets in 5 minutes "5 ways to co-design - tapping into your customers / user's expertise" from Tamsin Treasure-Jones, Co-Founder of Kubify, MESA Member. Main topic - Leadership: How to build effective teams through the power of neuroscience with John Martinez, Founder & CEO of Shocklogic, MESA Patron Member. Why is neuroscience important in leadership? By understanding the neural processes that underlie decision-making, communication, and motivation, leaders can make better decisions, and create a more motivated and engaged workforce. Additionally, neuroscience can help us better understand and manage our own emotions and behaviour. Imagine being able to understand yourself and your team at a deeper level, how the brain works and how to use that knowledge to lead effectively. 

This session covered the latest neuroscience-based research and highlighted tips and tricks that can be applied immediately, helping leaders and their teams become more resilient, adapt to the latest challenges, and achieve success.
Learning outcomes: 

  • How neuroscience can make you a better leader
  • The science behind motivation and how to use it to drive your team’s success
  • How our brains process fear and decision making
  • How to manage the “Fight or Flight” response
  • The link between physiology, emotions, feelings, thoughts, actions, and results
  • The difference between effectiveness and efficiency in leadership

Hosted and moderated by Richard John, COO of Realise.Me, MESA Member.


8th December (Friday) Experience the MESA Community Platform - For all MESA Members - we had a chance to discover what you can do in the MESA Community Platform / intranet wall. We were joined by Jessica Magloire, Key Account Manager, at idloom, MESA Patron Member, for an hour to discuss and see how we can collaborate more!


12th December (Tuesday) MESA / Shocklogic Mindfulness Workshop - For all MESA Members and industry colleagues - Minduflness Workshop led by John Martinez, Founder & CEO of Shocklogic, MESA Patron Member.  With guest speaker Martijn Timmermans.

With each breath, you’re not just oxygenating your cells; you’re unlocking a wide world of wellbeing. Mindfulness/breathing exercises is not just about relaxation; it is a profound journey that releases emotional weights, keeps you present to observe and not react to your triggers (deadlines, pressure, etc), and make better decisions. 

Shocklogic’s CEO & Founder, John Martinez along with Martijn Timmermans, Industry Consultant, took us through a one-hour mindfulness session. 

Martijn talked with John about his experience at a recentt Vipassana meditation silent retreat in Belgium and how it was to switch off from everything.

John shared breathing exercises techniques that he practises with his whole team at Shocklogic based on his previous experience attending mindfulness & silence retreats in different parts of the world. 

"Attending this event was just what I needed to reset and refocus. I'm very grateful for Martijn and John taking the time to share their experiences with us as a group".

Abi Cannons, Grip Events, UK

14th December (Thursday) Xmas Quiz led by Gordon Glenister






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The MESA Monthly Member Meetings bring me so much joy! They're educative, inspiring and boost your mood instantly. I love that I get the chance to meet so many amazing sessions, and that I can get so many takeaways from each session".

– Lorena Fasui, Marketing Coordinator at Shocklogic (regular attendee at these meetings)



Start: January 24, 2023
3:00 PM (UTC/GMT +02:00 - Europe / Brussels)
End: December 12, 2023
4:00 PM (UTC/GMT +02:00 - Europe / Brussels)
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